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Toronto Free Broadcasting
Toronto Free Broadcasting

The video “HOW TO BREAK INTO A MOTEL” from the MOTEL collaboration between Alison S. M. Kobayashi and Gintas Tirilis is available online through the Toronto Free Broadcasting’s archive of instructional videos by artists. This online archive accompanies a dynamic exhibition at Toronto Free Gallery.


Opening Reception: Thursday September 10, 6pm
Toronto Free Gallery
September 10 – October 31, 2009

Produced by Tejpal Ajji, Chris Lee, and Maiko Tanaka.

This fall an experimental learning channel and production studio will occupy the Toronto Free Gallery. For its first season, Toronto Free Broadcasting (TFB) presents a series of pedagogical programs accompanied by an online channel for instructional videos which challenge conventional notions of what constitutes knowledge and how that is transmitted. The opening night of TFB will feature a live talk/dance/music/cooking demonstration/performance/show.

The accompanying project – an ongoing open call for instructional videos – asks anyone out there to demonstrate skills and knowledges that explore practical and conceptual tactics creatively employed to resist, intervene and reverse pre-determined and typically intended uses of everyday objects and scenarios. Check out for submission guidelines.

TFB simultaneously operates as a production site and channel for dissemination. It creates a platform activated by instructional formats to challenge notions of received knowledge and predetermined communities of learning. Remaining in flux, TFB attempts to resist stasis and measurable outcomes.