Snowball Screening, Articule (Montréal)

programmed by: Kim Kielhofner + Christine Boudreau

Outdoor screening
February 17, 2011
Snowball is a program of video works by local and international artists. These videos are brought together under the theme of landscape, and the myriad of possibilities of the term.
Uncovering the term “landscape” in art and cinema, mapping our social engagements, and challenging our notions of frontiers are some of the territories explored in the program. The screening will be in the articule courtyard, which will be transformed into a theatre with benches of snow and surrounded by pine trees. The screening will be accompanied with the launch of a small publication. Artists working in the moving image were invited to contribute the publication and reveal the “hidden” side of their practices and join other artists working with image and writing to further explore their research.

Works by: Patrick Dyer, Funa Ye, Jenny Lin, Zohar Kfir, Kandis Friesen, Kim Kielhofner, Katherine Melançon, Joana Roberto, Elénore Saintagnan, ASM Kobayashi, Marianna Milhorat, Frédéric Lavoie