Music is Magic

Performance and single channel video

15 mins

Performance with live score by Ohbijou, 2016

Performance with live score by Joshua Gen Solondz, 2017


A piece about Sisterhood, music and teenage lust using family archival footage.


Part of Rites of Passage, commissioned by the Reel Asian Film Festival. Including work by Alison S. M. Kobayashi, Casey Mecija, Shasha Nakhai, Leslie Supnet and May Truong.

Working from personal home videos, filmmakers Kobayashi, Mecija, Nakhai, Supnet and Truong use experimental editing techniques, animation and documentary interviews to reflect on their understandings of cultural heritage and personal identities through their experiences with love, fear and womanhood.

This collection of commissioned works premiered alongside an original live musical score composed by Canadian orchestral pop band Obhijou. This project was made possible through funding from the Inter-Action Multiculturalism Program supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage.