Inductive Thread


2 mins 31 secs



Inductive Thread premiered at the 2010 edition of Documentary Fortnight, MoMA’s international festival of nonfiction film. In this short video, insights and history about the organization, UnionDocs are revealed by opening a time capsule that had been sealed since 2005.


About the Inductive Thread program: Produced by UnionDocs, the two-part program combines short works in film, video, radio, photography, written essay, and live performance, engaging multiple subjects and diverse aesthetic approaches to documentary arts. The first part touches on the history of the organization, its rotating body of participants, and their collaborative exploration of topics from the death of payphones to the popularity of currywurst. The second is an investigation of myth in contemporary society, an excerpt from an ongoing project that shares many inspirations, including the experimental laboratory of the Bauhaus and the collection of short but revelatory essays within Roland Barthes’s classic 1957 text Mythologies. The performance included presentations by UnionDocs founders: Christopher Allen, Executive Director; Jesse Shapins, Kara Oehler, and Johanna Linsley; UnionDocs programmer, Steve Holmgren, and UnionDocs Collaborative participants. 2010 Collaborative Studio Fellows Andre Valentim Almeida, Tina Antolini, Ben Thorp Brown, Rahul Chadha, Hyatt Michaels, Katia Maguire, Will Martin, Jolene Pinder, Joshua Gen Solondz, Shawn Wen + Robbie Wilkins