New Work at Images Festival


A new short work commissioned by the Images Festival will be part of this year’s One Take Super 8 Event.
Wednesday April 7, 2010
11:00PM – 12:30AM
Polish Combatants’ Hall
206 Beverley Street at Cecil
Toronto, ON

The Images Festival is proud to host the first Toronto edition of the One Take Super 8 Event (OTS8)! Founded by Alex Rogalski in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2000, OTS8 promotes small gauge film production and exhibition across Canada and the United States. Having spawned over 500 films to date, the event continues to grow each year.
Using only a single cartridge of Super 8, each film is shot, processed, and projected unaltered. No post-production is permitted; thus, the filmmakers see their films for the first time with the audience at the premiere. Participants of these events vary from novice to established filmmakers, representing an incredible diversity in artistic voices. The resulting films are as diverse as their creators, exploring every genre, form, style and tone. Many of the films from past events have gone on to screen worldwide at independent film festivals, and have inspired a new generation of Super 8 filmmakers. All of the work shown in this program will be projected on the original medium of Super 8.