New Performance, presented by Dunlop Gallery, Regina

Alison S.M. Kobayashi with Christopher Allen: Thinking as She Thinks

Part of Tragedy Plus Time, curated by Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek, and Wendy Peart at Dunlop Gallery, Regina.

Performance Details:
Wednesday, August 27, 8:00 pm

In Situ – The Artful Dodger, 1631-11th Ave.
Regina, SK

Dunlop Art Gallery welcomes Brooklyn, NY-based artist Alison S. M. Kobayashi and collaborator Christopher Allen to present a new performance, Thinking as She Thinks. Found objects that Kobayashi has collected over the last decade (audio recordings, diaries, sprawling lists, and other ephemera) comprise the narrative content of this one-woman performance that merges consumer technology with an array of dark, funny, and strange characters. Taking these documents from unknown authors as a starting point, the artist reanimates details found in the source material, then proceeds to fictionalize the rest of the story. As one vignette morphs inventively into the next, the audience experiences shifts in time and space, gender, age, class and race.

The evening will also feature Armando-format improv. Kobayashi will provide a monologue that will serve as inspiration for a series of unscripted scenes by the Tragedy Plus Time Players–Jayden Pfiefer, Katie Moore, Colby Richardson, and Judy Wensel.