File No. 2304 at GTA24 Kamias Triennial

Kamias Triennial

File No. 2304 will screen at the GTA24 Screening

Kamias Triennial, Sasalubong/Will Meet
Saturday, July 13, 2024
Paradise Theatre
2:00 pm


KT4, in partnership with MOCA’s GTA24, presents Sasalubong (Tagalog for “will meet,” or “will welcome”), featuring the films and short video works of Kiri Dalena, A.S.M. Kobayashi, Mama’s Boy (Tanya & Olive Villanueva) and Okui Lala.

Okui Lala’s My Language Proficiency (2017) investigates the nuances of individuality within Malaysia’s multilingual society. She poses the question: “Am I still the same person with each different language I use?” Kiri Dalena’s latest work critically addresses the social inequalities in the Philippines. A.S.M. Kobayashi’s File No. 2304 explores Canada’s shameful history of Japanese internment and forced labour camps through the artist’s meticulous examination of her great-grandfather’s government custodial file, unearthing hidden narratives within its inventories and documents. Mama’s Boy’s (Tanya & Olive Villaneuva) Ligaya presents a true story of a pregnant 19-year-old baby talking to her 20-year-old baby, talking to their 21-year-old baby.