Lost and Found Sligo

Alison, Celina, Joanna, Marian and Rachel; A Bookstore, a Library, a Museum, a Tea Shop, a Clothing Boutique, a Pub, Charity Stores and a Curiosity Shop; books, tickets, postcards, tea, packaging, string, cassettes; a street sweeper, shopkeepers, librarians, volunteers, salesmen; “Are you taking a picture?”, “Guess what this is”, “I’ve found 20 Euro, all sorts of things... and lots of leaves”, “The people in this book weren’t ‘vacationing’ they were leaving the country”.

In lieu of the Series of Navigations exhibition at the Model, artist in residence, Alison S. M. Kobayashi lead, a group of four Institute of Technology Sligo art students in a 3 day exploration of personal histories found in donated and discarded items. Kobayashi, Celina Muldoon, Joanna Markiewicz, Marian Conboy and Rachel Webb ventured through Sligo’s charity shops, bookstores and libraries -focusing their attention on the objects accidentally left between the pages of books (in reference to Sligo's literary history, it was the childhood holiday home for poet, W. B. Yeats).
Bookmarks are usually the scraps of one’s life, the tiny pieces of note paper, train tickets, perhaps a photo or postcard nearby, objects small enough to tuck between pages of books.